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Why these countries in particular?

"Makaranta" gets involved in those African countries where we find a group of competent and trustworthy people who are willing to run the school competition on a voluntary basis and only against reimbursement of unavoidable expenses (e.g. printing and petrol costs). Almost always, a commitment resulted from first meeting a person who took over the leadership and recruited other collaborators. The first competition in Niger in 1987 also came about in this way.

The first sponsor there was the "Fondation Makaranta", founded in 1986, which was only active for a few years. A second attempt was made by "Makaranta e. V.", founded in Cologne in 2000, which cooperates with the working groups in the individual African countries and, above all, provides the necessary funding, which comes exclusively from private donations.


» Benin
» Burkina Faso
» Niger
» Nigeria