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Activity 2011

School in Zambia
The school is ready to be occupied. The children's 'early shift', the first of three shifts, has gathered with teachers and parents. The village chief (headman) has also come to the inauguration (centre back with white shirt)

In Zambia, for once, we did not organise a competition, but supported the construction of a secondary school, namely in the Naluyanda region (20 km from the capital Lusaka). It was important for us to give the children of the school a further perspective. It also played a role in this decision that we had a guarantor in Peter Röhrig, who worked there for the "Gossner Mission".

At the end of 2011, the school building with two classrooms and a staff room was completed. In the meantime, the separate toilet building has also been built, a rainwater reservoir and a playground are still to follow.

School in Zambia
The new school: in Germany it would be called unfinished, but in the village of Kamukwesukeni - 20 kilometres from Zambia's capital Lusaka, where there is neither running water nor electricity in the houses and huts - it is one of the most beautiful and above all most solid buildings far and wide.
The four pit latrines shortly before completion.