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School year 2002

Angèle Illing led the the local Makaranta group which selected the schools to take part in the competition. The selection committe was made up of volunteer local and international specialists. After evaluating countless questionnaires, the team visited many schools so that they could verify the information received and assess local conditions.

This process led to the selection of the AKORE/ACOWA primary school in the Katakwi district. Some of its areas of distinction are:

The winners
Presentation of prizes to AKORE/ACOWA primary school

Despite being located in difficult rural area, enrollment of girls is over 50%. Boys and girls contribute equally to the overall academic excellence. Outstanding community evironment:
Educational material are kept in cabinets in each classroom, allowing easy access for both pupils and teachers. A solar energy system supplies the school with electricity. Girls are taught sex education at an early age, given advice and, on the practical level supplied with sanitary towels. Teachers receive further training at regular intervals; collaboration between parents and teachers has been institutionalized. Instruction is given in the cultivation of sisal and vegetables and in rope making. Supplies of drinking water, the sanitary facilities and the entire school grounds are hygienic and well maintained.