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Competition 2011 (in two provinces)

Inhambane Province

Working group of 3 Germans, 4 Mozambicans, 1 Cuban; Head: Martha Ostertag (GIZ)

323 questionnaires distributed to primary schools; response rate: 238

Competition winners

      1st prize (1000 €): EPC Bambatela (Massinga district) - (for carpentry utensils)

      2nd prize (700 €): EPC Tanguane (Mabote) - (for sewing material)

      3rd prize (450 €): EPC Golo (Homoíne) - (for a computer)

Sofala Province

Working group of 3 Mozambicans, 1 Italian, 1 Cuban, 1 Brazilian; leader: Leni das Silva (GIZ), successor: Helder Jorge Santos (GIZ)

243 questionnaires distributed; response rate: 187

Winning school: EPC Mucharuenhe (Nhamatanda)

1,500 € prize money for school materials, school desks, solar panels (to light the classrooms during seasonally shorter days), material to finish the teachers' houses

Competition 2008, Province of Manica

Award ceremony Oct. 2010

64 participating schools

1st prize (1,000 euros): EPC Muchenedze (use: Material for an extension of the school library and 65 children's books);

2nd prize (600 euros): EPC Mazvissanga - (material for the extension of a dormitory in the "Semi-Internat" for children living far from the school);3rd prize (400 euros): EPC Mutondoumue (material for the roof of two classrooms).

Competition 2007 in the provincial capital Chimoio

1st prize (1,000 euros): EPC Nhamadjessa

From the jury's statement: The good graduation rates were decisive. In addition, the proportion of girls is above average, especially in the higher classes (5-7). The school management makes great efforts to train teachers. Sewing classes for girls on Saturdays as an additional offer. On the initiative of a teacher, clothing collections to support parentless pupils. The school gives out notebooks and pencils to orphans.

2nd prize (600 euros): EPC Muzória

The proportion of girls is also significantly higher than the other schools. Football pitch, basketball court and school garden built on own initiative. Shade trees and fruit tree seedlings planted in the school yard

3rd prize (400 euros): EPC Mavonde

Large catchment area. Two hut complexes, each for girls and boys, were built by the parents themselves. Teachers' houses built, school field laid out, bricks burnt to extend the school buildings.

Video of the award ceremony

First competition 2006, Province of Manica

Working group:

  • Petra Strotmann (Head)
  • Dr. Adla Barreto (GTZ)
  • Ana Darcia (DPE, Provincial Ministry of Education)
  • Benthe Jepsen, "Human People to People"
  • Herr Makandire (DPE)
  • Susanne Riedel
  • Herr Tachuia (DPE)

44 out of 120 elementary school (EPC, Escola Primaria Completa) in the province participate.

First round of selection based on completed questionnaires. In the foreground of the evaluation: school completion rates, proportion of girls in the student body, integration of AIDS orphans, condition of the school (e.g.toilets and drinking water).

In the second round, the 10 best schools were visited and inspected without notice.